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  • Jame Yu

5 Must-See Artists at Darker Waves Fest 2023

Later this month, post-punk music lovers will crowd Huntington Beach for the very first rendition of Darker Waves Fest. With a lineup stocked full of new wave heroes like New Order and Tears for Fears, the one-day event is sure to bring a ton of energy and nostalgia for fans.

Here are our top picks from this year's lineup:


Devo rose to prominence with their iconic red energy dome hats and satirical, thought-provoking lyrics. The band's name, short for "de-evolution," reflected their belief in the regressive state of human society. Devo's music was characterized by angular rhythms, synthesizers, and sharp social commentary, exemplified in hits like "Whip It" and "Jocko Homo." Their pioneering sound and visually distinctive aesthetic made them a seminal force in the alternative music scene, influencing countless artists across genres.


Their music is a fusion of new wave, punk rock, and pop, characterized by catchy melodies, eccentric lyrics, and a distinctive retro-futuristic sound. The B-52s gained fame with hits like "Rock Lobster" and "Love Shack," which became anthems of the 1980s and 1990s. Their offbeat fashion sense and exuberant stage presence have made them beloved figures in the music world. With a career spanning several decades, the B-52s have left an indelible mark on pop culture, influencing countless artists and leaving behind a legacy of fun, irreverent music.

Molchat Doma

Molchat Doma is a Belarusian post-punk band that emerged in 2017 and quickly gained international recognition for their distinctive sound and hauntingly evocative lyrics. The trio, consisting of Egor Shkutko (vocals), Roman Komogortsev (guitar, synthesizers), and Pavel Kozlov (bass, synthesizers), crafts a unique blend of coldwave and darkwave, drawing inspiration from the stark aesthetics of Eastern European post-Soviet landscapes. Their music is characterized by melancholic melodies, brooding basslines, and Shkutko's baritone vocals, which convey a sense of longing and introspection.

Urban Heat

Hailing from Austin, Texas the edgy post-punk group is making music that should be on everyone's radar. Following the success of their viral hit, "Have You Ever?" Urban Heat has yet to slow down. Their electrifying live performances are a testament to their passion and authenticity, drawing in audiences with a magnetic energy that lingers long after the last note fades.

††† (Crosses)

Deftones singer Chino Moreno’s band ††† (Crosses) will perform their first show in nine years at Darker Waves. The band's music is characterized by its ethereal and atmospheric quality, often intertwining melancholic lyrics with pulsating beats and haunting melodies. With a discography that includes self-titled albums and EPs, ††† has garnered a dedicated following and critical acclaim for their innovative approach to music. Their live performances are known for their immersive and captivating experience, drawing fans into a world of sonic exploration and emotional intensity.

Check out the full lineup below:


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