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Briston Maroney charms Raleigh crowd on 'Ultrapure' tour

From the moment Briston Maroney steps onto the stage, there's an undeniable energy that fills the room. His presence is both commanding and approachable, setting the tone for a night that feels like a gathering of close friends around a campfire rather than a traditional concert.

Briston Maroney performing in Raleigh, photo by Keira Lindgren

Currently on tour promoting his latest album Ultrapure, Maroney charmed the crowd on a breezy Thursday night in Raleigh. The setlist covered a wide range of his discography, from the raw vulnerability of tracks like "Freakin' Out on the Interstate" to the catchy rhythms of "June".

Particularly, in a live setting, "Freakin' Out" takes on a new life, becoming a cathartic sing-along that unites the audience in a shared moment of bliss. Backed by a band that complements his style perfectly, Maroney's arrangements came to life in a live setting. The musicians on stage were in sync, not just with the technical aspects of the performance, but with its emotional core, elevating the music in subtle and powerful ways.

Each song is delivered with Maroney's distinctive vocals that somehow feel both gritty and melodious, a combination that captures the crowd's attention and holds it firmly until the very last note.

Opener Phoebe Go, hailing from Melbourne Australia, first brightened the stage to start the night with some soulful indie pop. With just her and a guitar, the up and coming artist won the audience over quickly. Her voice, a delicate instrument in its own right, carries each melody with precision and emotion, drawing listeners into a world of her own making.

If you missed out this time, tickets are on sale for the rest of his North American tour here.

Check out the full gallery and setlist from last night below:

  1. Body

  2. Small Talk

  3. Chaos Party

  4. Breathe

  5. Fool's Gold

  6. I Told You So

  7. Under My Skin

  8. Paradise

  9. Caroline

  10. Spring

  11. June

  12. Sinkin'

  13. Skyline

  14. Freakin' Out on the Interstate

  15. Rose

  16. Sunshine (Encore)

  17. Ultrapure (Encore)

Photos by Keira Lindgren


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