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Gallery: Beach Bunny @ Cat's Cradle

Beach Bunny brightened up a stormy night in Carrboro on Saturday as they played a sold-out show at Cat's Cradle.

Ky Vöss

Openers Ky Vöss and Wednesday both brought energetic sets. Vöss, a multi-instrumentalist with a pleasant mix of synth-pop and harder industrial beats, captured the crowd's attention as the venue quickly packed in. Asheville natives Wednesday had a successful set in their home state that displayed a dexterity on stage that indicates they're a group that is quickly coming into their own as live performers.

Beach Bunny

As anticipation for the main act mounted, crew members unveiled a pile of static-filled televisions as the crowd cheered them on. As Beach Bunny took to the stage, lead singer Lili Trifilio wasted no time and implored the audience to open up a mosh pit. Their devoted fanbase happily complied as they bopped along to the group's hits such as Prom Queen.

Beach Bunny's blunt yet sincere lyrics and potent tempos make for an incredible live experience. Matt Henkels on guitar, Jon Alvarado on drums and Anthony Vaccaro on bass compliment each other well on stage. Highlights of the night included Trifilio taking a break in between songs to assist in a 'promposal' and solid bout of headbanging to emotionally-charged track Blame Game.

The group had a wickedly addictive vibrancy on stage that almost certainly left the audience looking forward to the next time they tour through the area. Beach Bunny gave a memorable, exhilarating performance, culminating in what may possibly have been one of the most gentle wall of deaths ever convened at Cat's Cradle.

Beach Bunny's new album Emotional Creature will be released on June 22, pre-save or pre-order the album here.

View the full gallery below:

Photos by Keira Lindgren


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