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Gallery: PUP @ The Ritz

Canadian punk-rockers PUP brought an electrifying show to Raleigh on Wednesday night as they continue on their tour promoting their album THE UNRAVELING OF PUPTHEBAND.


The opening acts consisted of Pinkshift and Sheer Mag who both brought incredibly high-powered sets to The Ritz. Baltimore-based Pinkshift pulled off feats of athleticism, as they jumped around onstage with an energy that basically demanded headbanging from the audience. Next up, Sheer Mag commanded the total and complete attention of the crowd. Lead singer Tina Halladay's vocals rang vibrantly through the venue as the audience rocked along.

Toronto rockers PUP came on stage to an already hyped crowd thanks to their tour companions. Before starting their set, singer Stefan Babcock took a moment to review basic mosh pit etiquette - if someone's struggling, help them up. There seemed to be a typical Canadian politeness that was woven throughout their performance, such as when they made sure to check in on the audience before launching into Matilda. The band's magnetic hits made it easy for the crowd to mosh along, yet there was an attentiveness to their surroundings that ensured everyone was having a good time.

The group seemed intent on checking every box of a successful punk show: crowd surfers, mosh pits, and explosive renditions of favorite songs such as DVP. However, amid moments of pure energy they have the capability of stepping back, taking a deep breath, and letting the brilliance of their music shine. On stage, PUP specialized in charming tongue-in-cheek humor. They discussed how an upcoming song falls flat on tour two out of three times, and as they tore into PUPTHEBAND Inc. Is Filing For Bankruptcy it was clear that their North Carolina fans were not about to let it flop.

PUP have their craft down to an art. With songs full of fast-paced sardonic wit and their ferocious enthusiasm, they left their Raleigh fans looking forward to the next time they come through on tour.

View the full gallery below:

Photos by Keira Lindgren


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