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Gallery: Shakey Graves at The Ritz

Austin-based Shakey Graves brought a whirlwind of a show to Raleigh on Thursday night.

Daniel Nunnelee

Opener Daniel Nunnelee captivated the crowd. The Nashville-based musician played a set that highlighted his skills as a solo vocalist/guitarist and easily crafted a relationship with the crowd that left them wanting more.

Nunnelee heads out on a tour in May 2022 that includes stops in Asheville, Charlotte and Carrboro. Tickets can be purchased here.

The crowd packed in as Shakey Graves and his accompanying band walked onstage at the Ritz. Ever-charming, his raspy vocals and endearing stage presence took the venue by storm. Taking time between songs to deliver personal anecdotes and stories about his songs enthralled the fans and added to the intrinsic emotion that comes with his lyrics.

Shakey Graves

He powered through a selection of his discography, including favorites such as "Kids These Days." For the encore he launched into his 2014 hit "Dearly Departed," accompanied by an audience that shouted along in pure joy.

As the night came to a close it was clear that Shakey Graves built a strong connection with the crowd and gave a performance that will stick in the minds of concert-goers for a long time.

Full gallery and setlist below:

Photos by Keira Lindgren

Shakey Graves Setlist:

  1. Mansion Door

  2. Chinatown

  3. Excuses

  4. Ready or Not

  5. Family and Genus

  6. Kid These Days

  7. Bully's Lament

  8. If Not for You

  9. Built to Roam

  10. Family Tree

  11. City in a Bottle

  12. Tomorrow

  13. Late July


  1. Dearly Departed

  2. The Perfect Parts

  3. Roll the Bones


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