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Our Top North Carolina Albums of 2020

Black Haus - Mss Thang (Greensboro)

Black Haus is undeniably cool. Mss Thang is a refreshing mix of genres that will have you discovering something new every time you listen.

Our favorite track: Burn It Down

The Muslims - Gentrified Chicken (Durham)

Coming in with some of the hardest lyrics in the state, The Muslims tackle heavy topics such as police brutality without pulling any punches.

Our favorite track: Blink 9-11 (What's My Race Again?)

Sonny Miles - Catallabs (Winston-Salem)

Clean falsettos and beautiful harmonies weave their way through this collaborative album, setting the tone for what can only be another good year to come from the singer-songwriter.

Our favorite track: Tuesday

Curtis Waters - Pity Party (Cary)

After blowing up TikTok with his hit "Stunnin'" Curtis Waters proves that he's here to stay. With extremely clean production and a unique blend of genres, the young artist doesn't hold back on his first album.

Our favorite track: System

Sylvan Esso - Free Love (Durham)

In their third full-length album lays a mix of indie-pop jams and incredible songwriting. Free Love perfectly exemplifies the duo's catchy rhythms while also showcasing their minimalistic production style.

Our favorite track: Ferris Wheel

Check out all of our favorite 2020 tracks from North Carolina artists here:


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