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  • Jame Yu

Red Hot Chili Peppers share video for new single ‘Tippa My Tongue’

Red Hot Chili Peppers have shared a trippy video for their new single, “Tippa My Tongue.”

The track serves as the first single from their forthcoming album, Return of the Dream Canteen, out October 14th. The track is a funk-rock anthem with some classic guitar riffs. Lyrically, frontman Anthony Kiedis delivers lines like, “We’ve only just begun/ Funky monks are on the run/ Gonna, gonna, gonna get you with the tippa my tongue.”

Directed by Malia James, the accompanying video is a bright, trippy journey that sees the band performing along to the tune beneath wavering effects. With bright colours and psychedelic graphics, the clip first the track perfectly.

Watch the video for “Tippa My Tongue” below.

The band teased the forthcoming follow-up to their first album in six years, Unlimited Love, at the kickoff for their tour in Denver. During the set, they also teased that the lead single is called “Tippa My Tongue.” Produced by Rick Rubin, Return Of The Dream Canteen will be released on Warner Records this fall. You can purchase tickets to their show in Charlotte NC on September 1 here.


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