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Review: Oliver Tree @ The Ritz, Raleigh

Oliver Tree and a variety of guests brought a total party to The Ritz in Raleigh on Saturday night as he stopped by as part of his Cowboy Tears tour.

Openers Huddy and JAWNY boasted a pair of lively sets. Both accomplished performers in their own right, each brought a unique energy to the stage that the crowd continued to eat up as the night went on. A live performance of "Sabotage" by JAWNY had the audience amped up and ready to go for the headliner.


Oliver Tree has mastered the art of creating music that's funny and entertaining, but also genuinely good, and because of this his charming weirdness comes through flawlessly on stage. A natural entertainer, there didn't seem to be a moment throughout the night where fans didn't have the biggest smiles on their faces.

Oliver Tree

Multiple costume changes, a life-sized cow on wheels, and an 7-foot alien who goes by the name of Little Ricky were just a few of the highlights of the night.

Tree went from an 80's style windbreaker, to a paper cup-patterned tracksuit, to a road worker vest, and finally to being decked out in cowboy gear as he performed "Cowboys Don't Cry."

His live shows prove that Tree has a firm grasp on a subsection of online culture and what it takes to go viral - any assortment of photos or video clips from this show are guaranteed to have enough chaos in it to be endearing to anyone who happened to miss out. His vibrancy and onstage persona encouraged everyone at The Ritz to let go and get weird alongside with him, fostering the thought that this type of energy could only be possible at an Oliver Tree show.

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Photos by Keira Lindgren


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