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Review: Tegan and Sara charm at Carolina Theatre

In the world of indie pop, few acts have captured hearts and minds quite like Tegan and Sara. The Canadian-born twin sisters, with their distinct blend of catchy melodies and emotionally charged lyrics, have carved out a special place in the music industry.

The duo are currently touring on their Crybaby Tour, sharing the name with their tenth studio album, a return to the familiar, hook-driven indie rock style of their earlier work.

As the crowd packed in at Carolina Theatre in Durham, North Carolina, opener Carlie Hanson delivered a warm welcome with a lovely acoustic performance.

Tegan and Sara took the stage with a dynamic opening rendition of "You Wouldn't Like Me" that set the pace for the evening – a perfect blend of heartwarming melodies and electric energy.

The setlist was a carefully curated journey through Tegan and Sara's impressive discography. From their early indie hits to their more recent polished pop anthems, every song was delivered with an authenticity that spoke to the sisters' unwavering commitment to their craft. The seamless blend of old and new left the audience in awe, and it was clear that Tegan and Sara have an uncanny ability to evolve their sound while maintaining their unique identity.

The duo's ability to connect with the audience, their incredible musicianship, and their dedication to important social causes left a lasting impression on both new and lifelong fans in the crowd.


You Wouldn't Like Me

I Can’t Grow Up

Speak Slow

Back in Your Head

I Bet It Stung

Fucking Up What Matters

On Directing

The Con

Under My Control

Feel It in My Bones


Hop a Plane

My Number


Smoking Weed Alone

Stop Desire

Goodbye, Goodbye

Living Room

Walking With a Ghost


Where Does the Good Go



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