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  • Kimya Bashar

Trent the Hooligan releases sophomore album "ALLGASNOBRAKEZ"

Atlanta born and North Carolina raised rapper Trent the Hooligan dropped his sophomore album ALLGASNOBRAKEZ earlier this month, a follow up to his debut project Medusa.

The new release sees the artist effortlessly solidify himself as a rising star in the rap scene with melodic cadence and and a steady, self-assured flow.

“When you’re from the South, people will think you’re stupid, that we talk slow,” he says. This album proves that the Southern rap scene is alive and thriving and Trent the Hooligan is hungry, talented, and ready to deliver more, paying homage to the greats like J.Cole and Kendrick while bringing a refreshing voice to the genre.

Check out the title track below:


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