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5 Must-See Artists at Shaky Knees 2024

Shaky Knees is just around the corner, taking place in Atlanta GA's Central Park from May 3-5. Check out Tuned's list of artists you just can't miss this year:

5. Royel Otis

Royel Otis is an indie pop duo hailing from Australia, comprised of Otis Pavlovic and Royel Maddell. The band emerged onto the music scene with a fresh sound that blends elements of indie rock, pop, and electronic music, distinguished by its catchy hooks and smooth production. Their sound captures a sense of youthful exuberance and nostalgia, often exploring themes of love, relationships, and personal growth, resonating with a youthful audience looking for both energy and emotional depth in music.

4. Blondshell

Blondshell is an indie rock project led by Los Angeles-based musician Sabrina Teitelbaum, known for her raw, introspective lyrics and a sound that blends elements of grunge, indie rock, and pop. Teitelbaum's songwriting is noted for its candidness and vulnerability, offering a window into her personal experiences and emotional states. The sonic landscape of Blondshell features gritty guitar riffs, dynamic melodies, and Teitelbaum’s powerful vocal delivery, which ranges from soft, introspective whispers to intense, soaring choruses.

3. Yves Tumor

Yves Tumor is the stage name of Sean Bowie, an experimental musician and producer known for blending a wide array of genres including electronic, psychedelic, and noise music, with elements of rock, R&B, and pop. Emerging in the mid-2010s, Yves Tumor quickly gained attention for their enigmatic presence and the ability to craft sonically rich and challenging compositions.

2. Men I Trust

Men I Trust is an indie pop band from Montreal, Canada, formed in 2014. Known for their smooth, dreamy sound that blends elements of indie pop, electronic, and soft rock, the group has carved out a niche with their soothing melodies and laid-back vibe. The band consists of Emma Proulx on vocals, Jessy Caron on guitar and bass, and Dragos Chiriac on keyboards and production.

1. Del Water Gap

Del Water Gap is an indie pop project originally formed in 2011 by S. Holden Jaffe while he was a student at New York University. The music of Del Water Gap is characterized by its blend of indie rock and pop, featuring introspective lyrics, melodic guitar lines, and Jaffe’s distinctive vocal style. The project’s sound has a personal, heartfelt quality that often explores themes of love, loss, and self-reflection.


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