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  • Kimya Bashar

Beach House return with sprawling, dreamy new album ‘Once Twice Melody’

Beach House are back with their huge double album, Once Twice Melody.

Over the last few months, the Baltimore dream pop duo have been releasing the record in four chapters, and today we’ve gotten the final one. Made up of 18 tracks, the sprawling record is packed with all the lush shoegaze music you could ask for. Serving as the follow-up to 2018’s 7, this epic album is definitely a feat to listen to. Despite being lengthy, the record is all about the sprawl, as Beach House lean into everything from ballads to lullabies to synth-driven anthems.

Once Twice Melody marks the first record Beach House produced entirely themselves. It also features a live string ensemble and arrangements from Dave Campbell. Alan Moulder mixed the album with Caesar Edmunds, Trevor Spencer, and Dave Fridmann.

Stream Once Twice Melody below.


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