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Gallery: Futurebirds @ Lincoln Theatre

Futurebirds kicked off a two night run at the Lincoln Theatre in Raleigh on Thursday night.

Illiterate Light

Opening duo Illiterate Light put on an striking performance that demonstrated their limitless potential. It was a set that required a certain feat of athleticism, with both members bouncing around onstage, hopping on amps and reaching out to the crowd. An electrifying cover of 'Vampire Blues' by Neil Young had the audience headbanging away.

The Lincoln Theatre quickly filled up for the main act. Futurebirds brought a refreshing and energetic show that was sure to satisfy the dedicated fans that packed the venue.


On stage, the group displayed an undeniably fun and charming energy. They had a delightful focus on audience interaction throughout the show, often taking a break in between songs to clink drinks and take selfies with dedicated fans that were lucky enough to be in the front row.

On the first of two nights, Futurebirds put on a vivacious live music experience, working towards securing their place as a powerhouse in the country-rock scene.

You can check out the rest of their tour dates (including stops in Charlotte and Canton) here.

Full photo gallery below:

Photos by Keira Lindgren


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