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Review: Shaky Knees Lights Up Atlanta

Shaky Knees Festival, held in Atlanta's Central Park in 2024, continued to uphold its reputation as a premier event for rock enthusiasts and indie aficionados alike. With its eclectic lineup and a perfectly curated mix of emerging talents and established giants, the festival proved once again why it's a must-visit event in the spring festival circuit.

Shaky Knees Crowd by Dusana Risovic

Men I Trust by Roger Ho

The lineup this year was a robust parade of genres, bridging the gap between classic rock influences and modern indie vibes, ensuring there was something to offer for everyone’s taste.

Despite the threat of rain hanging over the festival throughout the weekend, it wasn’t until Sunday afternoon that the skies finally opened up. While light rain began to fall during Men I Trust's set, attendees started to seek shelter underneath the trees. It soon turned into a torrential downpour that sent rivers running through Central Park. However, the rain cleared, the rivers vanished, and the show carried on.

Here are a few of our highlights from the weekend:

Royel Otis

Australian band Royel Otis energized the Piedmont stage with a dynamic performance, marking their first festival appearance in North America. Opening with “I Wanna Dance with You,” they offered a refreshing reprieve from the muggy weather of the day.

Royel Otis by Dusana Risovic

Billy Idol

As the weather cleared, a leather jacket-wearing Billy Idol took the Peachtree Stage by storm. The crowd bopped along, splashing around in the sizable mud puddle left by recent heavy rain. He led them on a nostalgic journey with hits like "Dancing With Myself," "Cradle of Love," and "White Wedding."

Billy Idol by Ismael Quintanilla III

Holly Humberstone

Holly Humberstone, hailing from Grantham, England, showcased an impressive stylistic range during her performance on the Peachtree Stage. Kicking off with the initial two tracks from her album, her set featured a mix of pure pop, a power ballad with impressive guitar shredding, and quick-paced rock songs.

Holly Humberstone by Stephanie Heath

Girl in Red

Girl in Red delivered a thrilling performance on the Peachtree Stage, complete with singalongs and crowd surfing. Dedicating her set to "the girls and the gays," she bounced around onstage, leaving attendees with an experience they'll never forget.

Girl in Red by Nathan Zucker

Shaky Knees 2024 succeeded in delivering a weekend that resonated with hardcore music lovers and casual festival-goers alike. It maintained its beloved festival culture of inclusivity and a shared love for music, underpinned by a strong lineup. Looking forward to what Shaky Knees will bring in the future, it remains a beacon for those who cherish rock and indie music in a live setting.

Cover photo by Ismael Quintanilla III for Shaky Knees


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