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Gallery: Mt. Joy at The Ritz

On a warm Tuesday evening in Raleigh, fans waited patiently to see indie-rock band Mt. Joy work their magic on stage at The Ritz.


Opening the show was Florida-based band Flipturn. Full of zest and boundless passion, their performance surely garnered them more than a few new fans. Their set highlighted lead singer Dillon Basse's powerhouse vocals and the group's infectiously joyful energy that quickly put the crowd in a great mood.

The up and coming band will be playing a selection of dates as well as sets at multiple festivals in 2022 including Lollapalooza and Bonnaroo.

Anticipation mounted between the sets as the crowd awaited the main act. The members of Mt. Joy walked out to thunderous applause, accompanied by the theme song from Austin Powers. Playful and fun, it set the stage for a feel-good show.

Mt. Joy

The Ritz was packed unusually full on Tuesday night. The area at the back of the venue in front of the doors to the smoking patio is often for the more reserved crowd that prefers to keep their space and slightly bop their head along to the music, but during this show the headbanging wasn't just happening along the barricade - there were dance parties everywhere.

Lead singer Matt Quinn was charming and engaging, his sophisticated vocals carrying perfectly throughout the Ritz. He was light on banter but when he did talk directly to the crowd, he made it count, taking some time to introduce the rest of the band and mention the importance of live music bringing people together. On the keys, Jackie Miclau is a powerhouse. Her raw talent as a musician was emphasized throughout the show as she soulfully tore through the setlist. The group's chemistry as a whole is unmatched in their live performance. Their huge sound filled the Ritz so perfectly that one could easily imagine them playing an arena on their next tour.

Also notable was the lighting design. A work of art in and of itself, the stunning visuals and saturated colors worked perfectly with the band, creating silhouettes during key moments in the set and sending spotlights out into the crowd, illuminating the smiling faces.

The setlist was a great mix of tracks that included hits such as 'Astrovan' as well as 'Lemon Tree' from their upcoming album Orange Blood and multiple covers. Their intense take on Gnarls Barkley's 'Crazy' had the crowd singing their hearts out. Their encore performance of 'Silver Lining' was beautiful and seemed incredibly cathartic for their audience of fans that helped belt out the lyrics. Mt. Joy brought an unbeatable performance to Raleigh that left the audience elated and looking forward to the band's next album.

Check out the full gallery and setlist below:

Photos by Keira Lindgren

Mt. Joy's Setlist:

  1. I'm Your Wreck

  2. Strangers

  3. Lemon Tree

  4. Astrovan

  5. Let Loose

  6. Jenny Jenkins

  7. Orange Blood

  8. Dirty Love

  9. Sheep

  10. Cardinal

  11. Fire on the Mountain

  12. Mt. Joy

  13. Do You Realize interlude

  14. Evergreen

  15. Julia/Ain't No Sunshine/Crazy

  16. Bug Eyes (Encore)

  17. Silver Lining (Encore)


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