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Gallery: The War on Drugs @ Red Hat Amphitheatre

The War on Drugs' stratospheric sound filled downtown Raleigh last night as they took the stage at Red Hat Amphitheatre.

Opener Lo Moon warmed up the crowd with a dreamy, laid-back set punctuated by impassioned lyrics. The Los Angeles-based indie rock band released their sophomore album earlier this year called A Modern Life.

Lo Moon

Despite the relentless heat and humidity fans still packed into the pit to witness the vibrant anthems of The War on Drugs. They opened with "Old Skin," a shimmering, classic rock-inspired piece from their 2021 album I Don't Live Here Anymore.

The War on Drugs

As the sun began to set, the brilliance of the tour's lighting design was able to shine. While the triumphant chorus of "Red Eyes" rung through the venue, the stage was bathed in a saturated red color scheme. The beautifully stirring tune is The War on Drugs at their best: an delectable, grandiose sound accompanied by hazy vocals that completely encapsulate the listener.

As is usually the case with shows at Red Hat, the performance wrapped up quickly and concisely per the city's noise ordinance, but that didn't take away from the magic of the evening. They ended with a rendition of I Don't Live Here Anymore as they were joined on stage by Lo Moon, bringing the effervescent night to an end.

View the full gallery below:

Photos by Keira Lindgren


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