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Joywave Jams Out at Cat's Cradle

Joywave are currently embarking on their spring 2023 tour and brought an incredible show to Carrboro, North Carolina.


They delivered a stellar lineup with two young artists as openers. Brooklyn-based artist Elliot Lee put on a charmingly quirky set that was overflowing with creativity and vibrant rhythms. Lee made the room at Cat's Cradle feel warm, safe, and inviting with music full of introspective lyrics and colorful beats.

Canadian indie-pop outfit Dizzy took the stage next with a killer set. Lead singer Katie Munshaw is a naturally gifted vocalist that brings a grandeur to her performance that is best experienced among a crowd.

Elliot Lee

2022 was a huge year for the indie rockers Joywave, with the release of their 4th studio album Cleanse and a co-headlining tour with iDKHOW. They've successfully kept their momentum alive with a spring 2023 tour and the release of their first live album, Live. Live is Joywave at their best, with a funny, eccentric journey through 20 songs. Their music seems like it was made to be heard live, on stage, surrounded by other music lovers.

At Cat's Cradle, they gave a spellbinding performance full to the brim with charisma and confidence. The dynamism and energy of their performance can't be overstated as they tore through a healthy setlist that demonstrated why they're on their way to the top.


Their setlist was a good mix of recent releases and older hits such as "Tongues," and with an audience packed full of dedicated fans, there was never a tedious moment. The band's energy onstage felt as though it could power the entire county power grid. Joywave's genuine chemistry is not only with each other on stage, it extends to the audience as well, welcoming their fans in to their world of synth anthems.

Joywave setlist:

  1. Every Window Is a Mirror

  2. Coming Apart

  3. It's a Trip!

  4. Obsession

  5. After Coffee

  6. Doubt

  7. Ugly Ending

  8. F.E.A.R.

  9. Traveling at the Speed of Light

  10. Goodbye Tommy

  11. Buy American

  12. Somebody New

  13. Now

  14. Half Your Age

  15. We Are All We Need

  16. Tongues

  17. Dangerous

  18. Destruction

Photos by Keira Lindgren


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