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  • Connor Battle

Live Review: Milky Chance @ The Ritz

Many recent shows have the air of cathartic release throughout the venue as live music makes its return and The Ritz this past Saturday night was no different. Milky Chance stopped by Raleigh as part of their North American tour and played to an enthralled audience.

There was a last minute lineup change, with local Raleigh band GHOSTT BLLONDE as the opener instead of Giant Rooks. GHOSTT BLLONDE took the stage in front of an already packed venue and the group gave an invigorating performance with notably great chemistry between the members as they hyped up the crowd for the main act of the evening.

Milky Chance's distinct blend of genres lends well to their live performances. Renditions of their hits such as Stolen Dance and Cocoon had the spirited audience dancing and singing along, and even slower songs still had the crowd grooving. The music was complimented by great lighting and stage design that was endearing and fit the vibe of the show without being too distracting.

Milky Chance put on a show full of charming moments, including singing happy birthday to an audience member, taking selfies with a phone that was tossed onstage to vocalist Clemens Rehbein, and a prolonged harmonica solo that was fully welcomed by the crowd. For many in the audience this was their first live music event since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, and Milky Chance provided a warm welcome back to all.

Photos by Keira Lindgren


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