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  • Kimya Bashar

Red Hot Chili Peppers release highly anticipated album ‘Unlimited Love'

Red Hot Chili Peppers are back with their highly anticipated new album, Unlimited Love.

Unlimited Love not only marks the band’s first album since 2016’s The Getaway, but it’s their first with John Frusciante since 2006’s Stadium Arcadium. You can really hear Frusciante’s signature guitar sound on the new record.

Alongside Unlimited Love, Red Hot Chili Peppers have shared a video for “These Are the Ways,” directed by Malia James. The clip follows frontman Anthony Kiedis as he heads out on the run after a tense police car chase. Throughout the “These Are the Ways” video, Kiedis runs in and out of buildings trying to escape.

Watch the video for “These Are The Ways” below:


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