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  • Connor Battle

Single Sunday: Foals, '2am'

Foals have shared a new single called “2am.” The track comes as part of the announcement of their new album, Life Is Yours, out this summer.

“Musically, ‘2am’ is one of the poppiest songs we’ve ever written,” frontman Yannis Philippakis explains. “It’s about repetitive cycles of destructive behaviour, which I think lots of people can relate to, and certainly it’s an expression of something that I struggle with. There’s something cathartic about expressing that feeling to this upbeat music that’s got a sense of release and the hope of resolution.”

The new track was produced by John Hill and Dan Carey and mixed by Grammy-winner Manny Marroquin. “2am” has a pretty smooth guitar groove that lets Philippakis’ catchy pop vocals take the lead.

Listen to “2am” below.


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