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  • Kimya Bashar

Single Sunday: The Muslims, 'F*ck These F*ckin Fascists'

Durham-based punk band The Muslims announced that they have signed to Epitaph Records and have released their first song with the label.

Never a band to put things mildly or hold back on their views, The Muslims are unapologetic and abrasive in all the right ways on "Fuck These Fuckin Fascists." If any fans were worried about The Muslims being watered down just because they're now signed to a label, this track proves the opposite. It's a quintessential antifascist anthem as the band refuses to sugarcoat their political views. Vocalist QADR points out that "Fascism was never wiped out, it just got more polite and calls itself a Richard Spencer now." The album art portrays Johnny Rotten getting his ass kicked, an ode to the former Sex Pistol's frontman's fondness for Trump and the right-wing MAGA culture.

With "Fuck These Fuckin Fascists," The Muslims continue to carve out their own space in the top tier of North Carolina's punk scene.

Listen on Bandcamp and watch the music video below:


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