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  • Colin Desmond

5 Must-See Artists at Moon River Festival 2023

In almost one week music lovers will head to Coolidge Park in Chattanooga TN for a sold-out Moon River Festival. With a stellar lineup, including headliners Caamp and Hozier there's going to be no lack of talent on the stages this year.

Here are our top picks from this year's lineup:

In a music industry often dominated by formulaic compositions and manufactured personas, artists like folk-punk singer-songwriter Sunny War serve as a breath of fresh air. Sunny's latest album 'Anarchist Gospel' was released earlier this year to rave reviews:

Florida-based band flipturn has been making waves with their uncanny ability to capture the essence of youth, vulnerability, and boundless creativity. With a growing fanbase and an ever-expanding discography, the group's trajectory is only pointing upwards.

With a name that carries the weight of a celebrated musical family, Noah Cyrus has proven herself to be a force to be reckoned with, possessing a voice that resonates with raw emotion and an authenticity that is both refreshing and captivating.

With an infectious energy and poignant lyrics, Houndmouth has managed to carve out a niche that feels both familiar and refreshing. Their music draws from a rich palette of folk, rock, country, and Americana and showcases their knack for crafting intricate narratives within their songs, reminiscent of classic storytellers.

Judah & the Lion spend their time capturing the hearts of music enthusiasts with their genre-blending approach, infectious energy, and heartfelt lyrics. As the band continues to evolve, their future remains promising. With each album release, they showcase growth and evolution, while staying true to their core identity. Their latest single, "Only Want The Best," was released earlier this month and has a distinct, dynamic sound that's sure to resonate deeply with old and new fans alike:

In the mood to reminisce? Check out our coverage from last year's festival.


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