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  • Connor Battle

Alvvays unveil two new songs ‘Belinda Says’ and ‘Very Online Guy’

Alvvays are set to release the follow-up to their 2017 LP Antisocialites with Blue Rev October 7. Today, the band has unveiled two more tracks from the forthcoming record with “Belinda Says” and “Very Online Guy”.

“Belinda Say,” an homage to pop icon Belinda Carlisle, leans heavily on an 80s vibe. “Very Online Guy” is a synth-driven number that arrives accompanied by a pixelated video aimed at those bothersome Reply Guys.

“Two new lambs for the cultural volcano! One more sweet slurp of alcopop dedicated to the girls wiping tables called ‘Belinda Says’ and the dial-up electronic dream ‘Very Online Guy.,'” the band said in a release. “We directed a mosaic-mode vid for ‘V.O.G.’ with our videoguru friend Colby. This was easily the funnest thing we’ve ever shot. Enjoy our clunky low-bit collage of aliased key clacking and step-dance scramble on your CRTs.”

Check out the latest from Alvvays below.


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