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  • Jame Yu

Belle and Sebastian’s new song ‘If They’re Shooting at You’ is in support of Ukraine

Belle and Sebastian have shared a new song, “If They’re Shooting at You,” in support of the Ukraine.

While the song wasn’t written in response to Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine, all proceeds from “If They’re Shooting at You” go toward Ukraine humanitarian efforts. The accompanying music video is full of images from photographers covering the conflict. Belle and Sebastian frontman Stuart Murdoch says that the song’s message of strength was the perfect way to raise funds for the cause.

“When the situation in the Ukraine first started to happen it became clear that the lives of people there, and probably ‘ours’ too, were never going to be the same. The band had just started rolling out tracks for our new album, and it all felt a bit silly to be honest,” Murdoch explains. “We had one track called ‘If They’re Shooting At You,’ it’s a song about being lost, broken and under threat of violence.”

Watch the video for “If They’re Shooting at You” below.


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