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  • Jame Yu

David Byrne shares “Music For Valentines” playlist

David Byrne has shared another monthly playlist, this one titled "Music for Valentines." The mix features 100 gecs, Andrew Bird, NNAMDÏ, Weyes Blood, The Arcs, Dry Cleaning, Alice Longyu Gao, Midland, SZA, and more. Byrne writes:

"This playlist consists mostly of recent songs I’ve added to my playlists. Some of these artists and songs were mentioned to me by friends, newspapers, and algorithms. They are not all love songs, but many of them are very popular!

Who was Saint Valentine? Well, he was a martyr in 3rd century Rome. He is now the patron saint of asthma sufferers and beekeepers… and lovers!

He was an avid christian proselytizer, and was arrested by roman authorities on more than one occasion. One judge asked him to perform a miracle and restore his daughter's sight- which he did, and in return the judge and his entire family converted and smashed all of their lovely statues- per Valentine's suggestion.

Later, Valentine was arrested again - this time he wasn’t so lucky. His sentence was to be beaten by clubs and then beheaded. Before his execution, he wrote to the formerly blind daughter a note signed “from your Valentine”.


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