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Foo Fighters release ‘Fraggle Rock Rock’ from ‘Back To The Rock’

Foo Fighters have shared a new song called “Fraggle Rock Rock” from Back To The Rock.

Back To The Rock is the new Fraggle Rock revival series. The original Jim Henson children’s ran from 1983 to 1987. A cartoon spin-off aired for one season in 1987. Now, after 2020’s Fraggle Rock: Rock On! had some major success, a new reboot series called Back To The Rock is out on Apple TV+ today (January 21st). The show will feature big names like Cynthia Erivo, Ed Helms, and Kenan Thompson.

Foo Fighters are set to make a guest appearance in an episode. Today, they’ve shared a song for the show’s official soundtrack. “Fraggle Rock Rock” was written by Dennis Lee and Philip Balsam, who worked on the music for the original series.

Listen to “Fraggle Rock Rock” and check out the trailer for the show below.


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