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Franz Ferdinand share colourful video for catchy new track ‘Curious’

Franz Ferdinand are back with a colourful video for their new song, “Curious.”

“Curious” comes from the band’s upcoming 20-track greatest hits album, Hits To The Head, out March 11th via Domino. The record will feature some new tracks, including “Billy Goodbye.” Today, we’ve gotten another new, danceable Franz Ferdinand tune. The accompanying video is directed by Andy Knowles and sees the band taking part in some choreography.

“What’s the meaning behind the song? A mett-cure on the first page as tension enters left on a dark stage, but as our stars collide I’m curious: will you want me when you’ve got me? I’m a future seeker,” Franz Ferdinand member Alex Kapranos says. “Are we the future? I’m curious. I had this idea for the lyric – kind of the reverse of one of those life-flashing-before-your mind as you die in a film scene, where the entire course of a relationship flashes before you the instant you fall in love with someone.”

Watch the video for “Curious” below.


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