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  • Dianne Elliot

IDLES get lost in ‘monotony hell’ in video for ‘Stockholm Syndrome’

IDLES have returned with a new video for “Stockholm Syndrome.”

The new clip for the CRAWLER track features a whole slew of references to Gus Van Sant’s 2003 film, Gerry. In “Stockholm Syndrome,” clips cycle through homemade masks, dancers, and pink sculptures. The video fits the track perfectly, as frontman Joe Talbot wails lines about power structures.

“The initial idea of the video was to try and visualize the monotony hell of having to work to survive and how the ‘machine’ eventually engulfs you and strips you of your freedoms,” director Charlotte Gosch and IDLES’ Lee Kiernan say. “But we wanted to achieve this in a metaphorical way that kept the meaning as open as possible. So it becomes rather a visual representation that can be read in many different ways.”

Watch the video for “Stockholm Syndrome” below.


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