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  • Kimya Bashar

Jack White shares acoustic track ‘Queen of the Bees’

Jack White has shared two new singles: a Q-Tip collaboration called “Hi-De-Ho” and an acoustic song called “Queen of the Bees.”

White is readying two upcoming albums: a “really hard” rock album called Fear of the Dawn and a “very mellow” acoustic record called Entering Heaven Alive. “Hi-De-Ho” appears on Fear of the Dawn, out April 8th via Third Man Records.

“Hi-De-Ho” opens with a killer guitar riff before sliding into a hard bass line as Q-Tip offers up a stream-of-consciousness verse. For most of the track, White sits back and lets Q-Tip take the lead as he offers up some driven melodies.

Listen to “Hi-De-Ho” below.

“Queen of the Bees,” on the otherhand, is a preview of Heaven Alive, out July 22nd. “Queen of the Bees” sees White delivering playful lines like, “I feel lonely/ When I’m left all alone/ I feel homely/ When you leave me at home.” Unlike “Hi-De-Ho,” this one is more of a whimsical tune.

Listen to “Queen of the Bees” below.


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