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  • Kimya Bashar

Jagwar Twin releases sophomore album, 33

Jagwar Twin, the brain child of singer, songwriter, producer, and storyteller Roy English,

released their sophomore album 33 on September 30th via Big Loud Rock. An amalgam of style, it's a piece of art that includes some of Jagwar Twin's strongest material to date.

With opening track "Online" listeners are greeted by a catchy choir that leads into a techno-inspired tune that reads as a hesitant acceptance of a world so heavily impacted by technology and social media.

As a whole, the album is a richly orchestrated demonstration of genre-bending. From disco inspired "Pay Attention" to beautifully haywired "I Like to Party," 33 is evidence of Jagwar Twin's willingness to not be defined by any single genre.

At a perfect length of 10 songs, the album is a satisfying listen that leaves the audience wondering what else Roy English could possibly have up his sleeve.

Must-listen tracks: Online, Pay Attention (feat. little luna), Happy Face

Listen to the new album below:


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