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  • Jame Yu

Lucy Dacus shares cover of Cher’s ‘Believe’

Lucy Dacus took to the Spotify Singles series to cover Cher’s “Believe” and rework her Home Video track, “Partner In Crime.”

Dacus calls “Believe” a “huge, expansive, beautiful, heart-pumping, excitement-inducing song” that’s “iconic for its use of auto-tune.” While the track is famous for its use of auto-tune, Dacus stripps the tune right back to bring her powerhouse vocals to the forefront. She does the same for “Partner In Crime,” which also features some pretty heavy auto-tune work on the original.

“I feel like some of my favourite lyrics that I’ve written are in ‘Partner in Crime’ and maybe they aren’t as noticeable because the effect takes you out of it a little bit,” Dacus explains. “So, I just wanted to strip it bare and showcase the song for what it is without any tricky production moves.”

Listen to Lucy Dacus’ cover of “Believe” and her reworked rendition of “Partner In Crime” below.


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