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  • Dianne Elliot

Phoebe Bridgers shares haunting cover of Billie Eilish’s ‘When the Party’s Over’

Phoebe Bridgers has shared a cover of Billie Eilish’s brooding ballad, “When the Party’s Over.”

The Punisher artist premiered the cover during the first episode of her new SiriusXM radio show, Saddest Factory Radio, on March 3rd. Bridgers adds a haunting twist to the already devastating tune. With a sparse piano line, Bridgers’ quintessential melancholic vocals take the lead. Ultimately, she stays true to the atmospheric sounds of “When the Party’s Over.”

Throughout the cover, Bridgers delivers lines like, “Call me friend but keep me closer/ I’ll call you when the party’s over.”

Listen to Phoebe Bridgers’ cover of “When the Party’s Over” below.

“When the Party’s Over” comes from Eilish’s explosive debut album, WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO? Since then, Eilish has returned with her sophomore album, Happier Than Ever. The album is all about debunking happily-ever-after. Eilish is standing against the idea of a pop fairytale, subverting a Hollywood glamour throughout 16 tracks.


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