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Pixies Brave the Rain in Raleigh (Gallery)

Despite a slight rain delay before doors, indie rockers Pixies alongside openers Bully and Franz Ferdinand took the stage at Red Hat Amphitheatre in Raleigh to bring an unforgettable evening for new and old fans alike.

Bully kicked off the evening with an energetic set, followed by Franz Ferdinand bringing it all with an exhilarating show, ripping through all their classics such as "Take Me Out" and "No You Girls."

As the headliner took the stage, it became clear that the rain delay was worth the wait for Pixies fans. Their latest release "Doggerel" is a dose of their signature blend of lyrical prowess and raw energy, and Pixies wasted no time in launching into their set with the fervor and intensity that they have become known for over the years.

With a changing setlist every show, fans are in for a surprise every night. In Raleigh, they played a healthy mix of their discography from over the years, finishing with the classic "Where is My Mind?" followed by a Neil Young cover.

Check out the full gallery below:

Photos by Keira Lindgren

Pixies setlist:

  1. Gouge Away

  2. Wave of Mutilation

  3. Caribou

  4. Hey (Aborted)

  5. All the Saints

  6. Hey

  7. Mr. Grieves

  8. Bone Machine

  9. Cactus

  10. Planet of Sound

  11. Who's More Sorry Now?

  12. There's a Moon On

  13. Get Simulated

  14. Vamos

  15. Here Comes Your Man

  16. Motorway to Roswell

  17. Snakes

  18. Debaser

  19. Human Crime

  20. U-Mass

  21. I've Been Tired

  22. Head On

  23. Isla de Encanta

  24. Monkey Gone to Heaven

  25. Doggerel

  26. Death Horizon

  27. Nimrod's Son

  28. Tame

  29. Wave of Mutilation

  30. Where Is My Mind?

  31. Winterlong (Neil Young cover)


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