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  • Connor Battle

Rich Aucoin announces four part instrumental album ‘Synthetic’

Rich Aucoin has announced a four part instrumental album, Synthetic.

The forthcoming four part album will be spread out over six-month intervals, meaning it will be released across two years. Today, Aucoin has detailed Synthetic: Season 1, out October 19th via We Are Busy Bodies. The recording sessions for Synthetic took place prior to those of 2020’s United States, which was released in the middle of the pandemic. For this quadruple album, Aucoin recorded it at Calgary’s National Music Centre back in March of 2020.

Synthetic: Season 1 Tracklist:

Side A:

01 – “Tonto” 02 – “Algorithm” 03 – “Future” 04 – “Buchla” 05 – “Return”

Side B

06 – “Space Western” 07 – “HyperNormalization” 08 – “456” 09 – “Esc”

Currently, Aucoin is launching a pre-order campaign that will let fans listen to Synthesizer: Season 1 as early as today. Learn more about that here.


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