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  • Colin Desmond

Single Sunday: Cavetown, Beabadoobee ‘Fall In Love With A Girl’

Cavetown and Beabadoobee have teamed up for a collaborative single, “Fall In Love With A Girl.”

Cavetown (Robin Skinner) has been a fan of beabadoobee for a while, and they met after a show in London. After exchanging details, Skinner sent a long some demos, and “Fall In Love With A Girl” was born from that. The sweet, melancholic tune is all about coming to terms with your sexuality. Alongside the track, the pair of shared a video. The clip revolves around a doll house that’s a bit too perfect, as the pair interrogate the purpose of traditional social roles.

“‘Fall In Love With A Girl’ is about someone who’s struggling with their sexuality and how that affects their happiness,” Cavetown explains of the track. “This person is scared to take the leap to make themselves happy and tries to make things work in a hetero relationship. When they finally take the step to be in a same-sex relationship, they realize how happy it makes them and that it’s okay to trust yourself.”

Watch the video for “Fall In Love With A Girl” below.


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