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  • Kimya Bashar

Sleater-Kinney, Julia Jacklin, more to contribute to Courtney Barnett’s compilation ‘Here and There’

Courtney Barnett has announced a run of Here and There cassette tapes, and proceeds will go toward the National Network of Abortion Funds and Advocates for Youth.

Titled Here And There: B-Sides, Live Tracks + Demos, the track features contributions from Julia Jacklin, Bedouine, The Beths, Faye Webster, Sleater-Kinney, Caroline Rose, Hana Vu, and Barnett. The recordings are made up of live cuts and demos from Courtney Barnett’s traveling Here and There Festival.

Alongside the announcement, Barnett has released her contribution, which is a demo version of “If I Don’t Hear from You Tonight.” The track originally comes from These Things Take Time, Take Time, but this new rendition is a soft, more melancholic rendition.

Listen to Courtney Barnett’s demo version of “If I Don’t Hear from You Tonight” below.

Money from the cassette tapes benefit the National Network Of Abortion Funds, which aims to remove financial and logistical barriers to abortion based on racial prejudice and economic prejudice. It also goes toward Advocates for Youth, which aims to center young people in the fight for sexual health.

Check out the tracklist for the compilation below.

Here And There: B-Sides, Live Tracks + Demos Tracklist:


01 – Julia Jacklin — “Vegas Wedding (Demo)” 02 – Bedouine — “Wasn’t Me (Live)” 03 – The Beths — “Keep the Distance (Demo)” 04 – Faye Webster — “Come to Atlanta (Live from Chase Park Transduction)”


05 – Sleater-Kinney — “Complex Female Characters (Live)” 06 – Courtney Barnett — “If I Don’t Hear from You Tonight (Demo)” 07 – Caroline Rose — “Soma (Demo)” 08 – Hana Vu — “Maker (Live from The Parking Lot Sessions)”


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