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  • Dianne Elliot

The 1975 share black-and-white video for new single ‘Part Of The Band’

The 1975 have made a return with a black-and-white video for their new single, “Part Of The Band.” It comes from their freshly announced album, Being Funny In A Foreign Language, out October 14th via Dirty Hit.

The 1975 have been teasing their return for the last few weeks, and now they’ve officially released “Part Of The Band.” It’s a pretty surprising release. Despite the soft melodies and intimate guitar lines, it boasts terms like “ironically woke,” “Vaccinista,” and “my cancellation.”

It’s a soft, retro-futuristic pop ballad. On “Part Of The Band,” The 1975 balance dreamy sounds with folksy indie rock refrains. The accompanying video is perfectly picturesque, with cinematic clips of the band performing in a field.

Watch the video for “Part Of The Band” below.

“Part Of The Band” marks their first new release since 2020’s Notes On A Conditional Form. The epic, 22-track album clocks in at an hour and twenty minutes. It truly marked a moment in time, as they weaved in and out of genres ranging from punk-rock to R&B to orchestral anthems. While none of the tracks quite sound like another, the album somehow still feels somewhat cohesive, despite the songs’ jarring juxtaposition.

Pre-order Being Funny In A Foreign Language here and check out the tracklist below.

Being Funny In A Foreign Language Tracklist:

01 – “The 1975” 02 – “Happiness” 03 – “Looking For Somebody (To Love)” 04 – “Part Of The Band” 05 – “Oh Caroline” 06 – “I’m In Love With You” 07 – “All I Need To Hear” 08 – “Wintering” 09 – “Human Too” 10 – “About You” 11 – “When We Are Together”


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