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  • Jame Yu

The Dirty Nil say farewell to their favourite convenience store with ‘Bye Bye Big Bear’

The Dirty Nil have returned with a new single, “Bye Bye Big Bear,” which is a tribute to a Hamilton, Ontario convenience store that helped sustain the energetic rockers for five years.

It’s the band’s first release since their celebrated third full-length album, Fuck Art.

“For five years we lived together at a house in downtown Hamilton. For five years we were sustained by the Big Bear convenience store, located directly across the street,” the band says in a release. “There we were nurtured with sparkling water, protein bars and cigarettes. There we witnessed an untold number of human dramas play out in the parking lot, ranging from the hilarious to the hopelessly sad. For five years it was our clubhouse, our pirate ship, our prison. So we say farewell, thank you for everything: ‘Bye Bye Big Bear.'”

Check out the latest from The Dirty Nil below.


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