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  • Dianne Elliot

The Strokes covered Clairo’s ‘Sofia’ at Portugal festival NOS Alive

The Strokes performed at Portugal’s NOS Alive festival last night (July 7th), where they covered Clairo’s Immunity track, “Sofia.”

Clairo had to pull out of the festival last-minute after a flight was cancelled. Now, Julian Casablancas and co. have added their own twist to “Sofia,” which is often likened to The Strokes. In fact, Casablancas even pointed out the ways that the track sounds like a Strokes song.

“Everybody’s been playing the same song for 20 years,” Casablancas said toward the end of the rendition.

Watch The Strokes’ cover of Clairo’s “Sofia” below.

The band stayed true to the original melody, but Casablancas added his own lyrics to “Sofia.”

“Yet again .. we had to cancel our set at @nos_alive festival for tonight,” Clairo wrote on her Instagram stories. “Our flight was cancelled. Once we found another flight, we couldn’t find any transportation to get us to the airport. It’s been a whirlwind of a tour. Hope you guys understand & I’m truly sorry. AGAIN.”

The Strokes’ NOS Alive Setlist:

“Is This It” “The Adults Are Talking” “New York City Cops” “Automatic Stop” “Bad Decisions” “Hard to Explain” “Sofia (Clairo cover)” “I Can’t Win” “Under Cover of Darkness” “Threat of Joy” “Reptilia” “Someday” “What Ever Happened?”


“You Only Live Once” “Selfless” “Juicebox”


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