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  • Connor Battle

The Strokes perform ‘Eternal Summer’ live for the first time

The Strokes delivered the live debut of “Eternal Summer” over the weekend at Lollapalooza Argentina.

Julian Casablancas and co. performed at the festival in Argentina on March 19th, marking their first performance of 2022. During the set, The Strokes gave their The New Abnormal standout, “Eternal Summer,” a live debut. Alongside that tune, they performed “Trying Your Luck” and “Electricityscape” for the first time since 2017, and “You’re So Right” for the first time since 2016.

This weekend’s set at Buenos Aires’ Hipódromo de San Isidro was The Strokes’ first show since their Brooklyn Steel set in New York last November.

Watch The Strokes’ performance of “Eternal Summer” below:

The Strokes Lollapalooza Argentina Setlist:

“Bad Decisions” “You Only Live Once” “Under Control” “Juicebox” “The Adults Are Talking” “Electricityscape” “Take It or Leave It” “Razorblade” “Trying Your Luck” “Brooklyn Bridge to Chorus” “Hard to Explain” “Someday” “Eternal Summer” “You’re So Right” “Reptilia”


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