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  • Jame Yu

Titus Andronicus ‘reckon with the cruelest of life’s truths’ on new single ‘Give Me Grief’

Titus Andronicus have shared a video for their new single, “Give Me Grief.”

The track comes from their forthcoming album, The Will To Live, out September 30th via Merge. Channeling some classic rock sounds with saxophone flourishes, “Give Me Grief” is a duet between frontman Patrick Stickles and former drummer Eric Harm. Choreographed by Stickles and directed by Ray Concepcion, the accompanying video sees Titus Andronicus taking part in some fun choreography.

“Thematically, The Will To Live is an attempt on my part to reckon with the cruelest of life’s truths, which is that, the wider you open yr heart to the good things in yr life (love, hope, etc.), the more you expose yrself to life’s most harrowing pains,” Stickles explains. “A full and rich life demands a vulnerability that will inevitably be rewarded with intense suffering.”

Watch the video for “Give Me Grief” below.


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