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  • Kimya Bashar

Titus Andronicus share new single ‘(I’m) Screwed,’ announce forthcoming album ‘The Will to Live’

Titus Andronicus are back with a video for their new single, “(I’m) Screwed.” The track arrives alongside the announcement of their new album, The Will to Live, out September 30th.

The forthcoming album was produced by frontman Patrick Stickles and Howard Bilerman. Positive influences from newfound domestic bliss and improved mental health grapple with the untimely 2021 death of Matt “Money” Miller” on the album. The new preview, “(I’m) Screwed” introduces us to the album’s narrator as “the walls are closing in,” Stickles explains.

“Be it real or imagined, he feels the pressure building on all sides, a feeling to which many of us can relate, I imagine. His faith and fortitude are tested like never before, and the narrative of the album will reveal whether that pressure crushes him or produces a diamond.”

Watch the video for “(I’m) Screwed” below.


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