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  • Kimya Bashar

Wet Leg insult an ex-boyfriend on new single ‘Ur Mum’

Wet Leg have shared a video for another new single, “Ur Mum.”

The track comes from their highly anticipated self-titled debut album, out this Friday, April 8th. Today’s release, “Ur Mum” is an insult-ridden anthem directed at an ex-boyfriend. Lyrically, Wet Leg deliver lines like, “When I think about what you’ve become, I feel sorry for your mum.” The accompanying video is retro and cinematic, interspersed with clips of the band performing along to the track.

“I was pretty angry at the way things had gone in this particular dynamic,” Wet Leg explains. “It’s just a diss song I wrote to make myself feel better. It worked.”

Watch the video for “Ur Mum” below.


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